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Abbazia San Giorgio


Pantelleria Passito DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) – Abbazia San Giorgio s.r.l.



number of bottles produced

1.000 bottles (50 cl e) 


Volcanic, low organic matter, rich in micronutrients.

grape vine

Zibibbo 100%

size of the vineyard

1 hectar

type of plant

Alberello Vine of Pantelleria, recently inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

average age of the vines

60 years

density per hectar

30 quintals/hectar


Organic, with the use of some biodynamic techniques. No chemical fertilizers and synthetic products are used during cultivation. Most years the vineyard is left untouched.

grape drying

The production of “Magico” begins in the second part of August. After a first selection in the vineyard, the grapes are placed on racks and left to dry under the sun. Eight days later they are turned on their other side and after eight to ten more days, the dried out grapes are brought to the cellar, ready to be pressed.


The dried grapes, together with the fresh ones, are taken off the stem and pressed. The fermentation process takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, for a period of approximately one month. During this phase, the skins and the dried grapes slowly release all their aroma and sugars in the wine.


The passito is kept in stainless steel silos for approximately twelve months. At that point the wine is placed in barriques and left to age for six more months. The wine is then bottled.

residual sugar

“Magico” 2015 contains 12,00 gr/l residual sugar

wine pairing

Magico si a meditative wine and as such it pairs well with cheese and any type of dessert.

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