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Maceration wine (skin fermented aka orange wine)

Zibibbo White Wine IGP Terre di Sicilia 2021- Abbazia San Giorgio s.r.l.


 2021  - 13 % Vol. 

number of bottles produced

8.000 bottles (750 cl e) 


Volcanic, low organic matter, rich in micronutrients, terraced landscape.

grape vine

Zibibbo 100%

size of the vineyard

4.5 hectars

type of plant

Alberello Vine of Pantelleria, recently inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

average age of the vines

60 years

density per hectar


Yield per hectar

30 quintals


“More than Organic”, with the use of some biodynamic techniques. No chemical fertilizers and synthetic products are used during cultivation. Most years the vineyard is left untouched.


The Production of the “Orange” starts at the beginning of September, with the harvest of the first optimally ripe grapes. The grapes are taken off the stem and pressed. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks, using only the indigenous yeasts present in the skins of the grapes.This process lasts for approximately fifteen days. During this time, the skins slowly release the color and aroma of the Zibibbo. This process occurs naturally, without any additives nor sulfites.


The aging process lasts one year: six months in stainless steel silos and six months in chestnut barrels. The Orange is then bottled.

wine pairing

The “Orange” pairs very well with crustacean based appetizers and fish dishes. It is also well matched with white meat based dishes.

drinking temperature

Serve chilled (50-53 degrees)  

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